The Farm: A Summer Arts Camp for Kids - original 1964 design
The Farm Arts Camp: a summer arts camp for boys & girls 8 to 16
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A Summer Arts Camp

Hundreds of acres in the Alleghenies, over a thousand feet above the Susquehanna River Valley, lies the restored century-and-a-half old farm; revived each summer since 1964 as a summer arts camp with the purpose of offering children creative activities and growth in nature's undisturbed beauty.

We believe that a happy camp is a safe and well-run camp. Both staff and campers have freedom, yet know their responsibilities. Our environment is deeply non-competitive. Our program is elective, not bounded by bells, whistles, or periods. Campers choose their activities, and our counselors guide and teach them individually. We work, play, eat, and rest well.

Join us for a wonderful summer of nature and the arts!